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If you landed on this page, it's because the airline you are flying for relies on the APA 1224 contract to fulfill their pilot needs. The APA pilot community is one of the significant pilot organizations in the industry at this time, and your airline's pilots enjoy pay and benefit packages that are in line with the rest of the industry. However, as we have found at other airlines, the combined disability programs at your airline, and in conjunction with the APA can be enhanced by adding disability insurance to protect incomes at the higher levels.

As an APA Pilot, you are privy to a handful of overlapping benefits from your corporate airline, APA 1224, and individual coverage that you can buy on your own. There are lots of resources on line that describe these benefits. We have put some links at the bottom of the page should you want to look at some of them.

When searching the Internet, you will find that there are lots of opinions and interpretations regarding the issue of disability insurance for pilots. Since this webpage is dedicated to disability insurance for APA 1224 Pilots pilots in particular, let's move in that direction. You will notice that the issue of disability insurance is oftentimes a "side show" compared to sick leave, 401k's, and stock options. We find this unsettling because what is the greatest risk to your income? Answer: disability, and for pilots it is even more precarious because it is a matter of passing your FAA Medical. Did you know that sometimes you feel fine, can most likely do your job, and then fail the FAA Medical? Don't believe it can happen to you? We suggest you read and watch this.

Once again this insurance is to pay a portion of your current paycheck for the duration of your disability, or until a certain age if your disability is permanent. The question you have to ask yourself is: "can I live on that disability payment?" or "can I maintain my current lifestyle if I become disabled?". If I don't consider myself disabled, but fail my FAA medical, will that insurance pay?

These are all great questions and we suggest you immediately call us if you are not sure on these issues. Our professionals are very well-versed on the APA 1224 disability benefits for their pilots as well as the nuances of what your airline provides versus the APA. Do not get caught in coverage gaps between the two entities. Our people know the important questions to ask so you get straight answers and protect your family.

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