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Welcome to our website. This site is dedicated to the complicated subject of disability/ loss of license insurance, specifically focusing on disability insurance for pilots. As many of you may know, it is very difficult to obtain quality disability insurance for pilots due to the nature of the pilot’s job, alongside the strict FAA Medical considerations that we must live with. Hopefully, with the help of this website, we can answer your questions about disability insurance, as well as successfully help you in your quest to protect your family’s income in the event you can no longer perform your duties as a pilot.

First, a little bit of background information on who we are; DisabilityForPilots.com is the disability insurance business development website for Aviator Investment Management. Based in Louisville, KY, Aviator Investment Management has been providing financial services all over the country, for many years.

Several years ago, one of our own, a Captain at UPS, Wyatt Stedman, experienced a medical issue resulting in him never flying as a commercial pilot again. After joining the firm, and working with Eric, it was obvious to them that most commercial pilots simply did not have optimal levels of disability insurance. More times than not, there is a significant gap between a commercial pilot’s gross income versus what their group disability insurance covers.

With significant participation from a group of UPS Pilots, the disability insurance product was underwritten by the global insurance underwriter Lloyd’s of London through Petersen International. The result is a supplemental disability/ loss of license insurance product specifically for commercial pilots. You will find that this policy may cover more of your income, has an easier and quicker approval process, pays more benefits, and potentially pays for a longer period of time than any other supplemental disability product for commercial pilots.

Below we introduce to you our team. These are the men and women that make this all possible. Please give us a call regarding your disability questions. We look forward to speaking with you.

Sincerely, C. Eric Fischesser, CFP®

Meet The Team

Disability and Benefit Specialists

Wyatt Stedman

In-house expert on disability insurance plans for commercial airline pilots. Retired UPS and USAF pilot.

Eric Fischesser

Founder of the company and aviation disability insurance expert. Expert on risk underwriting and management.

Hunter Teague

Our beloved Office Administrator. Hunter assists with Customer Service, answers questions, and works with clients on paperwork and claims.

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