Disability Insurance For Delta Pilots

Making Sure Our Plans Work With Delta Benefits

As a Delta Pilot, you are privy to a handful of overlapping benefits from Delta corporate, the Pilot's Association and individual coverage that you can buy on your own.

In a nutshell, your long-term disability benefits are approximately half of your current income. What affect would that have on your current lifestyle, future lifestyle and retirement expectations? What are the tax ramifications?

At Delta, your Long Term Disability (LTD) benefit generally is based upon 50% of the pilot's earnings prior to the date of their disability. A more precise definition is that the LTD benefit is calculated as 50% of the average of highest 12 consecutive months of earnings out of the last 36 months of earnings. (Always refer to your company Human Resources Benefits department for the most current information.)

A picture is worth a thousand words…

The questions you must ask yourself are:

"Can I live on that disability payment?"

"Can I maintain my current lifestyle if I become disabled?"

“What will I cut out of my life? Kids college? Vacations? Dining out? New car? Current home? Retirement savings? What....?”

These are all great questions and we suggest you immediately call us if you are not sure on these issues.

Our supplemental policy stacks on top of your current disability plan to get you up to 70% of your TOTAL Delta income.

Our professionals are well-versed on Delta Airline pilot benefits. They know the important questions to ask so you get straight answers and protect your family.

Look for the supplemental open enrollment link on this site in 2018.

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Delta Disability TeamWyatt Stedman and the Delta Disability Team

One-on-One Meeting

Whether we talk on the phone or in person, the objective is to MAKE SURE that you have the right policy for you. This includes making sure there are no conflicts or double-coverage with the benefits package you currently have.

Custom Quote

Each quote can vary depending on your current income, the nature of your exact job, flight frequency, and other factors. If you want to save money, you get a custom quote. That's how we stay competitive and can proudly say we have the best disability program in the airline pilot community.

On-Going Support and Access

We are here. If you ever have a question, simply call us. The people that sell it, are also the people that service your account. We consider you family, so why would we send you to a call center with an anonymous voice somewhere? If you need something, call us directly.

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