Pilot Disability Plans

Who Do You Fly For?

UPS Pilot Insurance Logo

UPS Pilots

Talk to Experience: Some of our representatives are retired UPS pilots who have actually been customers of ours and benefited from our program.

Delta Pilot Insurance Logo

Delta Pilots

We have a customized program for Delta pilots that works hand-in-glove with current Delta benefit packages. Delta pilots are currently enrolling.

Unite Pilot Insurance Logo

American, United, Southwest Pilots

We are familiar with current benefit packages for pilots of these carriers, we customize our program to fit each of these airlines. Call for details.

Republic Pilot Insurance Logo

Republic Pilots

We have a specific program for Republic pilots.

APA Local 1223 Insurance for Pilots Logo

APA Local 1224 Pilots

ABX, Allegiant, Atlas, Horizon, Kalitta, Omni, Silver Airways, Southern. All members of this union need to see what our plan does to complete your disability profile.

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FedEx Pilots

Our reps are familiar with FedEx pilot benefits, we can augment current disability levels.

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